Table of Contents

Phurple\BuddyList::__construct — should newer be called
Phurple\BuddyList::load — loads the blist.xml from the homedir
Phurple\BuddyList::addBuddy — adds the buddy to the blist (optionally to the given group in the blist, not implemented yet)
Phurple\BuddyList::addChat — saves the chat into the blist
Phurple\BuddyList::addGroup — Adds new group to the blist
Phurple\BuddyList::findBuddy — returns the buddy, if found
Phurple\BuddyList::findGroup — Finds group by name }}}
Phurple\BuddyList::removeBuddy — Removes a buddy from the buddy list
Phurple\BuddyList::removeGroup — Removes an empty group from the buddy list